Get an account on Gforge @

An account is mandatory if you want to:

  • have read or write access to any private project
  • have write access to any public project


As soon as you belongs to a research unit at the University of Luxembourg and that you accept to conform to the usage rule of the university, you are elligible for having an account. Yet, your acceptance is granted by the administrators which reserve the right to refuse the access to this service.

Terms of usage

The rules of proper usage concern the civic behavior of the users vis-a-vis the university community. A user or project must not disturb or inconvenience the other users or projects, nor the functioning of the Gforge service (e.g., an abusive usage of the resources that results in an interruption of the GForge service). Note that the University of Luxembourg, just as any individual, must obey the laws regarding the computerized treatment of data and the intellectual ownership and the Gforge @ service must conform to it. The administration staff declines any responsibility in case of improper use of Gforge @ Additionally, the administrator cannot to be held responsible for any damages which may arise during the use of the Gforge services including but not limited to the loss of data or emails, delays, failed delivery or delivery to an incorrect recipient, or any service interruption, be it by error, forgetfulness or negligence.


As soon as you are eligible to get an account and agree with the previous terms of usage, here is the procedure for getting an account:

Send an email to the entitled "Gforge account request".
This email should provide the following personnal information:

  • the first name;
  • the last name;
  • a valid email address;
  • a postal address or the campus address if you work at the University of Luxembourg;
  • an office number if you work at the University of Luxembourg;
  • a valid telephone number;
  • a fax number;

Upon acceptance, you will then receive two emails:

  • the first one from the administrators providing a valid login and password
  • the second from the Gforge system containing a link used to check the validity of the email address provided.

Once your account creation is validated, you can access it through the following webpage:
Use then the "My account" item to change your password as soon as possible.