Gforge @ major features

Gforge proposes many features:

  • My Page shows all your open tasks, tracker items, monitored forums and monitored file packages across all projects in the system.
  • Unlimited numbers of projects, each with its own:

    • subversion or git repositories (/svn/myproject or /git/myproject where myproject is the unix name provided for the project);
    • set of mailing lists managed by Mailman, each of the form;
    • static web site repository available at ;
    • access control to repositories
    • statistics gathering from repositories;
    • the possibility to automatically send diffs to mailing lists on commit through post-commit hooks;
    • forums;
    • bug tracker;
    • task manager;
    • document management with approval queue;
    • surveys;
    • news;
    • file Release System;