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Setup mailing-lists

In the sequel, all information and commands provided are assumed linked to the project myproject (replace it with your unix project name).

As stated in Major features, each project comes with the possibility to create several mailing-lists associated to the project. Each of them will be of the form By default, mailing lists are disabled for the new projects, yet it is still possible to enable this feature in the project administration pages.

The mailing-list engine used by Gforge @ to manage all mailing lists is Mailman. An important aspect to understand is that there is no link between project members and mailing-list members. You have to setup everything using the administration web interface of the mailing list (available at the URL Accessing this interface requires an administration password (one for each mailing-list) sent to you by mail when the list is created. Mailman is a very complete tool that permits a very fine degree of customization. The consequence is that the administration interface is far from being user-friendly so this page summarize the basic operations you'll have to do and/or pay attention to in order to setup correctly a mailing-list, in particular how to:

For a reference documentation, please consult this PDF document.

Create a mailing-list

You should be admin of a project to be able to create a mailing-list for this project. To create a new mailing-list (let's say, first go to the project page and select the "Lists" on the project menubar.

If this menu item is not present, it means you have to activate it using the "Admin" menubar. Select "Tools" then tick the box "Use Mailing Lists" in the section "Active Tools".

Now select the "Admin" link followed by "Add Mailing List". Fill the name of the list. It is strongly advised to create a private mailing-list so you will probably want to tick "No" to the question "Is Public?". Finally click on the button "Add this list". The effective creation of the mailing-list and its initial configuration in Gforge @ can take several hours. In all cases, you'll receive by mail the administration password for this list.

Accessing the administration interface of the mailing-list

The mailman administration interface for the mailing-list is available at the URL

You can also access it from the project page, select "Lists" in the project menubar, then "Admin". You'll see the list of mailing-lists associated to the project, each with the options "Update" and "Administrate". Select the later option and fill the administration password sent to you by mail.

Initial setup and maintenance

Once inside the administration interface, there are a few options that are strongly advised to be checked (in particular during the initial configuration). Remember to validate your modifications by clicking on the button "Submit your changes" at the bottom of each configuration page.

  • in "Archiving Options", select a private archiving (otherwise, all the exchanged mails will be publicly visible (and indexed by google!);
  • in "Privacy Options", select "Sender filters", fill the list of non-member addresses whose postings should be automatically accepted. You will probably want to use regular expressions to specified things like "all mail addresses in the form *". You'll then fill this textarea in the following manner:

  • In "General Options":

    • In the Additionnal settings section at the bottom of the page, there is a field to setup the maximum message size. The default value is relatively small (40K) leading to numerous moderation messages. Feel free consequently to update this value.
    • Eventually add other list administrator email addresses if you share the administration of this mailing list with other people.

Finally, you can add/remove email addresses to the mailing list using the section "Membership Management" section. Use "Mass Subscription" or "Mass removal" depending on the kind of operation you want to perform.

Perform moderation operations

As an administrator of the list, you're also a moderator for it so you will receive email notifications for moderation operations. This happens generally for two reasons:

  • A non-member of the list sent a mail to the mailing-list in which case you have to decide about the kind of operation to perform (accept/discard etc.)
  • The message size exceed the maximum size configured for the mailing-list (see the previous section for changing this value). Again, the default value is quite low so as soon as a document is attached to the mail, you can easily reach the limit.

In all cases, you receive a mail with a link to reach the moderator panel of the mailing list. Just answer carefully the form available on this page. Just remember if you are dealing with the first case (a non-member post) that you can include the sender to the white-list so you won't receive further notifications on further post from this sender.